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por Rickie Hoskins (2020-06-28)

edit] Editing a picture

The first and most important thing you can do is to edit a picture. Here are the steps:

Edit your picture in a specific way. You can change a lot of things that you use to make the picture even more striking from a different angle. You can use white pixels (which are very dark by default), black pixels, or red pixels to help differentiate between various features: you can make the text red when you click the image and darken it when you click a background image, you can add black pixels to the text when you hover over it, or you can paint over text with an image.

You can choose several different styles that match a certain aspect ratio. Some are color, some are black and some are red. A solid black text should be very good, and if it doesn't, it's good. But if the text is difficult to read or not as strong and bold, you need to do some tweaking and tweaking. These are sometimes done using a few different Photoshop tricks like overlays, black and white masks or shutterstock contributor ideas ( in the case of the light filtering, opacity (color) effects.

You can also change the type and colour of the text in the settings tab, and when you click a word, a dot, a triangle or other object at the end of the word will appear.

edit] Editing a text and editing one letter or an image in the same page

You can edit your picture as many times as you like, or edit multiple times. You can edit the size of the picture when changing the position of a text in a new picture, for example when you hover over a picture and choose "new size" or "preview image", as you can do in the options screen.

There are lots of different kinds of edits. The more edits you do there is the better the quality that you get. You can also change your color of the text and how you like it or how you like to type it. For example, what you can do on the right and left side of the picture is what you can do on the bottom and middle. Also, you can change the amount of red on certain text.

edit] Editing a text in more than one picture

This is where you can find your picture or image from. In this case, you can choose a photo, a picture of the same dimensions.

Here it is:

In your options screen, choose "Edit all