The unthinkable unprecedented: intertextuality in newspaper genres

Sara Oliveira


The purpose of this paper is to discuss intertextuality. We argue that intertextuality is a converging theme among researchers from different traditions interested in the study of language from the perspective of actual practice, as well as a pervasive one in different genres and media. After briefly introducing how different researchers perceive intertextuality, this work provides the analysis of different genres within the overarching communication medium represented by newspapers, showing how intertextuality occurs in each of them. Finally some pedagogical implications are put forward pointing out the importance of calling students´ attention to a new way of reading that could consider the multiple voices inside a text.


Intertextuality; Polivocality; Discourse; Connection; Recurrence

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Ling. disc. Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina, Santa Catarina, ISSN 1982-4017

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