Journal of Research in Dentistry

Objective, the Journal of Research in Dentistry is a bimonthly publication which aims to to bring to light scientific and technologic advances, following quality guidelines and peer reviews of relevance to the entire dental scientific community as well as related specialties from local, regional, national and international sources.

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Vol 4, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


Cone beam-computed tomography as an indispensable tool in the management of radiculous premolar: a case report PDF
Shristhi Sharma, Ananth Raghav Sharma, Vivek Kumar Rai, Ronak Choudhary 1-3
Information regarding use of rotary nickel -titanium endodontic instruments among general dental practitioners: a questionnaire survey PDF
Ritu Meel, Deepak Raisingani, Ashwini Prasad, Rachit Mathur, Nidha Madan, Namita Somani 4-8
Treatment of class II and class III maloccolusion by using churro jumper: an efficient, inexpensive and uncomplicated fixed flexible functional technique PDF
Shubhangi Amit Mani, Nilesh Mote, Kunal Dilip Pawar, Prashantkumar Mishra, Richa Anil Mishra, Rajlaxmi Rajaram Rai 9-12
Attitude among dental practioners towards use of rotary instruments and hand instruments for root canal treatment: a comparative study PDF
Azhar Malik, Abishek Singh, Aina Kumar, Praveen Singh Samant, Sumit Sabharwal, Vineet Kumar Pandey 13-17
Estimation and comparision of serum β2-microglobulin in oral squamous cell carcinoma and oral leukoplakia PDF
Bhavana Agrawal, R N Mody, Arun Tadas 18-22
Bilateral gemination of maxillary permanent incisors: a case report PDF
Pooja Singh, Manish Jha, Animesh Mutha, Kirti Bahar 23-26
A multidisciplinary approach to restoration of severely worn dentition: a case report PDF
A V Sreekumar, Mohammed Sajeer PC, Levin Chengappa 27-30